Gravitational Wave Explorers Group

Our Universe is still, mostly, a mystery, with 95% of its content made of unknown dark energy and dark matter. The Gravitational Wave Explorers group exploits the recently discovered gravitational waves – ripples in space and time produced by extreme gravitational systems like colliding black holes - to open unique opportunities to measure the Universe’s expansion in uncharted regions, map the unseen dark matter and test Einstein's gravity.

The team is funded by the VILLUM Young Investigator Grant no. 53101 (VILLUM Fonden).

Juno,             Kam,             Jose

Group members
  • Chun Lung (Juno) Chan, PhD student
  • Patsrikasem Vanitcharenthum (Kam), Master student
  • Miao Shang, Master student
  • Jitze Hoogeveen, Master student
Visiting fellows
  • Anson Chen, PhD student, Queen Mary University of London, May-June 2023
  • David Figueruelo, PhD student, Universidad de Salamanca, February-March 2023
  • Mesut Çaliskan, PhD student, Johns Hopkins University, January 2023
Short-term visitors
  • Macarena Lagos, Research Scientist, Columbia, June 2023
  • Miguel Zumalacarregui, Group Leader, AEI, June 2023
Past members

Jose Maria Ezquiaga

Assistant Professor
Niels Bohr Institute